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Basalt Liners

Basalt Liners

Eucor, AZSC.B.P. Engineering Corp. was founded in 1970 as a spin off from our then English parent company, Greenbank Engineering, to cover the North American market place. Greenbank started business in 1954 and serviced the European and other world markets.

Basalt Lined Straight Steel Pipe

Cast Basalt pipe or Basramite, was CBP’s first product. Since the 1970’s C.B.P. has evolved into a full service materials handling company offering not only a wide range of abrasion resistant products and conveying systems but also products for the effective management of operating, process and power plants.

Basalt Reducers

A sample of Cast Basalt Reducers

Alumina Parts

Alumina Ceramic Parts for Lining


 Pf Master - Coal flow measurementIn 1998 C.B.P.’s and Greenbank’s management team purchased the company from the previous ownership group. After two strategic acquisitions to supplement the material handling business and multiple long term partnership agreements it then added a research and development division within The Greenbank Group of companies. This R&D division in a joint venture with a leading United Kingdom University has developed several new innovative products that allow The Greenbank Group to offer its customers new cutting edge products to efficiently operate their plants into the 21st century and beyond. The Greenbank Group is truly Enhancing Performance with products that are sold through Greenbank Energy Solutions Inc.  The new product line features dynamic classifiers, flow meters, carbon monitors, coal flow monitors, particle size analyzers, stack monitors, acoustic leak detectors, moisture meters and variable area rope breakers. These field tested products are already saving our customers billions of dollars through the efficient use of their resources.

These innovative products are also helping the Power Industry meet emission reduction and other environmental goals at a time of heightened awareness of climate change and increasing interest in the environment from regulatory bodies. Indeed The Greenbank Group can work in partnership with customers to tackle particular issues with our in house expertise and years of  proven success.

C.B.P. offers an unparalleled depth of experience in engineering, management, manufacturing and sales. Our technical staff have an average of 30 years experience and our manufacturing technicians have an average of 25 years of experience. The company management has an average of over 35 years of experience. This vast experience translates to market and application knowledge unequaled in the industry.

C.B.P. Engineering has the ability through its experienced sales network, to effectively service the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and South Korea. We have the resources to offer world wide markets engineered solutions.

CBP's International Partners expand our global reach.

CBP’s International Partners expand our global reach.

The Greenbank Group’s rich past, dedicated current professionalism and cutting edge proven technology will keep our customers competitive and productive for years to come.

Let us put our nearly 70 years of experience to work for you. C.B.P. Engineering Corp. — Delivering Solutions.

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