Basalt Massage Stones

Hot Stone Massage
Basalt Stone Massage, also known as Hot Stone Massage, Stone Massage, La Stone Massage and Ocean Stone Massage, is a therapy designed with the patient in mind.

  • * Hot Stones make it easier for you to relax and soften the tissue.
  • * Hot Basalt Stones work well for separating the muscles and are    wonderful for working deep.
  • * Massage with hot stones saves your sore thumbs and hands!
  • * Oh yeah, and your clients will LOVE them!
  • * Basalt Stones never wear out.cast basalt stones


  • Our Basalt Stones are cast, annealed and tumbled for the perfect size with every stone. We carry individual stones. When wet or oiled, these Basalt Stones vary in color from black to gray.

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