Announcing a New Business Collaboration

A Joint Business Collaboration Between Exelon Clearsight LLC. and The Greenbank Group, Inc.

Far more than just drone services.

(Washington PA) October 1, 2021

The Greenbank Group through its operating companies (CBP Engineering Corp. and Greenbank Energy Solutions Inc.) will provide Sales assistance/advice/support and consulting to Clearsight LLC. for strategic planning, product/services development. The Greenbank Group will actively support Clearsight LLC. sales efforts in the Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution, Oil & Gas, Mining, Paper Mills, and Cement/Concrete markets by providing introductions and sales opportunities to key potential customers throughout the Americas.

The Clearsight LLC services that will be supported by the Greenbank Group. Inc. include unmanned aerial systems and robotics (drone) inspection services, and related technical services including concrete inspections, condenser inspections, submersible inspections, on-line/planning inspections, emergent system response investigation, transmission inspections, distribution inspections, storm restoration response, asset assessments, vegetation assessments and modeling, data analysis, 2D and 3D photogrammetry, LiDAR processing, 3D point cloud models, unmanned systems consulting and training, ingestion analysis and data storage.

“The Clearsight products and services offer safe and efficient inspection for an endless number of inspection applications and is a perfect fit for the Greenbank Group companies (CBP Engineering and Greenbank Energy Solutions) sales efforts. Our vast network of seasoned professionals are excited to and capable of bringing the Clearsight inspection technology to all markets. The need for this ROV inspection technology is obvious in this time for businesses that are focused on safety and improving cost efficiencies.” Said Sales Director of The Greenbank Group Inc. Mr. Donald Halulko.